Theatre Education forms an important and a significant basis of Indian Ensemble. One of the earliest actions of Indian Ensemble was to create a year-long training program and this helped us reach out to people, create communities and share experiences.

The Program was an effort to bridge the gap between an active society’s engagement with theatre and the need to train properly in this art form. The program was an extensive one-year long theatre course, where participants from different backgrounds came together to train as actors, writers, directors in the field of theatre.


Key Features

  • At the training program, the only criterion to get trained is commitment.
  • Programs are offered completely free of cost.
  • Participants have to show a high degree of commitment towards the theatre and a willingness to work hard.
  • Our students range from professional actors and writers to people who professionally were working in other vocations but were extremely serious about pursuing this art form as a way of life.
  • Many theatre companies were formed by former students of this program and have gone on to produce diverse and varied productions.
  • Students have also won awards such as the Charles Wallace India Trust Award, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Award, Shyamand Jalal awards in theatre, education, and playwriting.