Indian Ensemble was formed in 2009 by Abhishek Majumdar and Sandeep Shikhar.

Since then, the company has produced over 10 plays; traveled and performed in several cities and theatre festivals in India and abroad; created a strong ecosystem of passionate theatre-makers and watchers; developed a reputation for a strong focus on research, rigour and reverence to traditional and contemporary processes of making theatre.

Original texts in Indian languages backed by thorough research form the bedrock of our theatre; artists (onstage and off) from all parts of the country are invited to collaborate based on the unique needs of the project. Indeed, everything from the language of the play, its form, its actors and designers and even its programming into spaces and Festivals, takes its cues from the content of the play at hand.

Additionally, at the heart of the Company lies a strong need to engage with the younger theatre community and the society at large. Our training programmes are designed to be in-depth and rounded, with a focus on giving the participants a strong grounding in the theoretical and academic concepts as well as practical and on the ground experience. These training programmes are offered free of cost to deserving candidates and their success can be measured by the success of the alumni, several of whom have gone on to win scholarships (from Charles Wallace India Trust, Inlaks Foundation) and awards such as TFA award, The Shayamanand Jalal prize, the Sultan Padamsee award).