Why Support Us?


Indian Ensemble works as a cooperative of artists and scholars from around the country and abroad focussing on creating new performances, offering education and training in theatre along with curated monthly outreach programs to engage with new audiences.

Our vision is to critically engage with themes, ideas, and questions about the society and the world at large through the medium of theatre. As a theatre company, our focus is not just to create new performance works but also facilitate the development of an ecosystem which consists of artists, scholars, thinkers and most importantly, discerning audiences.



– Every artist receives an equal share of the earnings from our shows.

– Our training and outreach programs are absolutely free of cost.

– No one is returned due to the lack of funds to watch our performances.



Over the last nine years of our existence, we have:

– Produced over a dozen plays in different languages.
– Performed at several Festivals here and abroad to great acclaim.
– Received two commissions to create and perform work in Germany and elsewhere.
– Conducted Playwriting and Directors Training Programmes with the result that our alumni are now doing exciting work across the country.
– Acquired support and funding from organisation like India Foundation for the Arts, Goethe Institut, The Hindu, to name a few, as well as from individual patrons who believe in the work.
– Created a name for itself as a Company with a focus on rigour in the process and superlative content.
– Become a destination for actors, designers, students, and observers, all of whom we believe are an integral part of our ecosystem.


To read about the programs planned for this year and the need for support, please click here


Why Individual Donors?

We believe in the power of individual donors and patronage, as that is how arts can thrive in a highly changing globalized world, as it helps us develop a long term relationship with an individual that is driven by trust and the value of the work we do.

Without this, patronage and the arts cannot co-exist!

Our patrons come from different walks of life ranging from culture, business, technology, entrepreneurship, and academia to name a few.  They have engaged with our work in many ways such as being a regular audience member, following our facebook page, speaking to us in person to know about our goals and plans for the year.

And most importantly, they are passionate individuals who believe that theatre does make the world and society a better place.


We thank our patrons who supported us last year: Arun Ramakrishnan, Bharat Krishna, Meghana Mundkur, Lakshmi Huttada, Rajiv Prakash, Ravi Bhat, Shyamala Raman, and Suresh Venkat.  

Our work simply would not have been possible without them!

*We are registered as a Trust and constantly looking for support from patrons, friends, audiences, well-wishers to help us create maximum impact through our work across the country.

If you wish to talk to us or know more about our ongoing programs and projects, then you can:

write to us at

Call us/ WhatsApp us on 9845373547 / 8971965921.


*In order to continue the work we do in training, outreach, and performance, we are looking for patrons, organizations and individual contributions which will enable us to grow, create and make the right impact through our work.

* At this point, we are open to contributions of any amount which could cover a part of a whole of one of the above programs/projects that are lined up for this year. Alternately, you can also contribute to our corpus fund which we use to allocate funds to different projects based on the need throughout the year. 


Ready to Contribute?