IE Studio

Indian Ensemble Studio Program is an initiative to develop new plays through workshops, readings and performances at  Atta Galatta, an alternative intimate space in Bangalore. The idea with this program germinated through our discussions on making plays that deal with contemporary themes and need a space to be performed.  The idea is then to present the new plays either as a full length performance or a reading or just a sharing of process of the play to an audience in an intimate space.

To begin with, the studio program is working on it’s first play Mi’raj by Nisha Abdulla, who developed it as part of the Indian Ensemble Playwright Program last year.

Going forward, the studio program plans to invite new playwrights via online submissions  and help them develop their plays either as a workshop format  or in terms of sharing it with a wider audience as a reading or a performance.

To read the notes and documentation of our current work, please click here :

We are currently also expanding our research team that reads various texts and looks at deconstructing them to understand form and structure. If you would like to be a part of it, write to us with a brief profile at :