About the Program:

Since the inception of Indian Ensemble, one of the major goals was to impart free training to young artists.

In this endeavor, the Repertory Training Program was the first training program started by Indian Ensemble in it’s home space Rangamadu, where young enthusiasts underwent a year-long training program that involved work on the body- text – improvisation – group process – final projects as full-length productions.

Students who were part of this program have today successfully formed their own companies and found their own path and artistic visions.They are working as playwrights, directors and actors like Shrunga B V, Ramneek Singh, Chanakya Vyas, Jhanavi Kamath, Vinay Kumar, Sreekant Rao, Akshay Gandhi, and many others.

This program would not have been possible without the generosity of Ms. Bhavani, Mr. Chandru and their daughter Surabhi who envisioned Rangamadu as an artistic space which has been home to many young theatre artists and enthusiasts.