Performers : Poorvi Sardar, Sanjeev Gadre, Abhitej Gupta, Ratneshwar Banerjee, Vivek Vijayakumaran, Amit Aggarwal & Sagnik Sinha.

Playwright : Nisha Abdulla
Designed & Directed by : Chanakya Vyas
Light Design : Vinay Chandra P
Sound Design : Kishore Sabareeshan
Design Execution: Vishwas Kashyap
Asst. Directors: Sunayana P & Mayura Baweja
Costumes: Nisha Abdulla
Poster Design : Neerav Doshi
Photography: Geet Batra

About the play :

Mi’raj is an exploration of Faith’s interjection with its old foe, Doubt. Rooted in the world of contemporary politics of war and global terrorism, the play uses the Isra and Mi’raj incident from the life of Prophet Mohammed to begin a conversation about the boundaries of faith in an increasingly polarized world. According to Islamic belief, Al Isra wal-Mi’raj (The Journey to Ascension) is a journey undertaken by the Prophet in a single night. guided by Buraq, the white winged steed, he is believed to have met prophets from the past as he ascended the seven levels of heaven, eventually meeting God in Paradise.

Young Tariq Rizvi, the protagonist of the play, is on a journey of his own as he struggles to understand the multiplicity of truth. He finds himself caught in a tangled reality in faraway Turkey and Iraq where he faces a collision of beliefs when his childhood friend and companion on this journey, Ijaz Basheer, raises questions about the word of God and the cost of belief.


About the Playwright:

Nisha Abdulla is a professional storyteller, writer and theatre practitioner. Her world converges around stories – she’s either writing or performing them. As a lifelong student of theatre, she has been part of multiple Playback and Forum theatre interventions, as well as devised and scripted productions.

About the Director:

Chanakya Vyas is currently the Artistic Director of Indian Ensemble. He is a director, playwright and teacher. He was awarded the Charles Wallace India Trust Award 2014 to study Theatre making at LISPA.His first play at Indian Ensemble was Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana which he adapted and directed in Gujarati using elements of Bhavai.


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