Cast and Credits:
Performed by:
Ajeet Singh Palawat Ashwini Kumar Chakre, Ipshita Palawat, Irawati Karnik, Kumud Mishra, M.D. Pallavi, Neel Sengupta, Pratyush Singh, Sandeep Shikhar and Shubhrajyoti Barat.
Written & Directed by: Abhishek Majumdar
Scenography: Mohit Takalkar
Research : Vandana Menon
Live Music and Sound Design: Abhijeet Tambe & Pallavi MD
Movement Director: Anannya Tripathyi
Asst. Directors: Karen D’mello & Chanakya Vyas
Associate Director: Neel Sengupta
Production Assistants: Shashank M.C & Anirudh
Project Manager: Vivek Madan
Stage Manager: Bharavi


*This project was made possible with support from  India Foundation for the Arts.



This play is set in the 8th century, in a Matha in a fictional town called Beerpur. It is the time when the Pala kings were ruling the east and large parts of northern India. These kings were Buddhist; Buddhism was at its peak and on the verge of declining. There had been mass conversions to Buddhism.

The story revolves around this Hindu temple town which is surrounded by Buddhists. The protagonist is a man called ‘Agnivesh’, a scholar in the Matha. The head of the Matha, ‘Nath Nand’ is soon to retire to the Muktidham to die and achieve salvation. Nath Nand, who has always separated religion from politics, is faced with a choice. Which of his students shall be his successor?

Will it be Yuyutsu, who believes in opening up the doors of the temple for the lower castes?

Or Agnivesh, who believes in raising an armed resistance to Buddhism?

The play premiered on 27th January’2017 at Ranga Shankara, Bangalore, followed by performances in Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai (Feb 4th, 5th) and Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival, Pune (Feb 27th).




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