About the play :

The play is an interpretation of Girish Karnad’s ‘Hayavadana’ in Gujarati & Hindi using elements from the folk-form Bhavai, in which, Hayavadana, the horse-headed man arrives in a fictional town called Bhavaipur, as part of his pilgrimage to rid himself of the curse and ends up interrupting a bhavai performance. In a classic play within a play structure, where the main plot is of a triangular love story between Devdatt, Kapil and Padmini centered around the question of mind-body duality, the sub-plot of Hayavadana deepens the significance of the main theme of incompleteness.

The play uses puppets, masks and live music drawn from Bhavai and other folk traditions.

Playwright : Girish Karnad
Adaptation : Satchit Puranik & Chanakya Vyas
Directed by : Chanakya Vyas